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1. No powergaming/metagaming

*Powergaming is where you force your actions onto a player without giving them appropriate time to respond or instantly do an action that may not be possible.
*Metagaming is where you use OOC information in an IC situation. You may not know a player is a rebel simply because they have a nickname in their name.

2. No statwhoring/punchwhoring/mingerunning/mingejumping
*Statwhoring is doing an action (without roleplay) to boost your stats to unbelievably high numbers. Statwhoring will lead to a character ban and, if continued, a strict ban and possibly a permaban.
*Punchwhoring is where you use the fist weapon to kill/knock a player out without RP. This will lead to a harsh ban.
*Mingerunning is where you run away from an RP situation (being tied for a search or threatened with death) without RP. Even with a /me showing you ran you must wait for the other RPer to reply. This will lead to a kick or minor ban.
*Mingejumping is simply jumping around. This is not a major offense but it shows lack of maturity and is annoying to some players. It will lead to being kicked if used to escape RP situations.

3. No exploiting glitches
*This includes and is not limited to: using props/entities to get to unrealistic heights/escape RP, using entites to get through locked doors, using the MPF/OTA name glitch, using any backdoor coded into the gamemode.

4. No prop abuse of any kind
*Prop killing/spamming/pushing will lead to a permaban if severe enough. If you have a history of being a malicious player the ban will never be lifted.

Props require flags. If you receive the flags and you use them for an IC advantage (making a computer when no admin is on to monitor) you will lose that privilege.

5. No OOC racism/sexism
*It is bad to hate anyone for their skin color or gender. ICly, racism/sexism is allowed but if every character you make is a racist/stereotypical character you will be warned and lose all characters like that.

6. No sexually explicit details on the server. Keep it PG-13 (characters being in a relationship is ok) but if you must do the dirty make it fade to black or keep details over Steam. (Remember that while this is OOCly ok, ICly your characters can be punished severely for their actions.)

7. No 'joke' RP
*Roleplaying an insane character is alright but doing everything intentionally stupid is not ok. Make sure your roleplaying is serious, coherent, well explained, and makes sense (no one runs at a unit screaming they want their family back without any hint of fear. Basically, no fearless, hardened soldiers with the heart of a lion and the brain of Stephen Hawking.)


1. No characters below 150 cm (5'0")/above 190 cm (6'3") without permission from a superadmin. This can be checked.

2. No characters under 18/over 80 without permission from a superadmin. This can be checked.

3. No ex-cops/marines/CIA/other government officials/BLACK MESA CHARACTERS without permission from a superadmin.

4. No characters with names from the Half Life series (even the games from Gearbox), names from popular culture (unless you can provide proof you are that person in real life), or 'pun' names.

5. No physical descriptions that are obviously stereotypical.

6. No anime style characters.

7. No physical descriptions stolen from other characters. (Can be seen as malicious.)

And remember: Respect all players/admins, not doing so will lead to a kick, and if you do this excessively, you may get banned over a longer time.