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BMD's Rules (Must Read) Empty BMD's Rules (Must Read)

Post  nydia on Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:35 pm

The Black Market are a group of very organised smugglers that can attain contraband such as alcohol, anti-depressants all the way up to explosives and RPGs. They are located at The Homie Bar just down the slums and right in-front of the showers. Go look up for them for the most deadly tools yet.

As you progress up the Black Market Ranks, you will be allowed to sell more dangerous items.

The Black Market can be the most influential faction in the server and so we stress that you follow these rules;

General Rules: Tier 0 Blackmark, Possible Tier 1-2 Blackmark
You can and should refuse service to anyone who you believe could put the Black Market in danger.
Keeping the Black Market out of the Combine's eyes is your Number 1 priority.
NEVER and NEVER mess with the Combine, or Engage them with a gun-fight, Unless they are raiding BMD.
DO NOT do jobs for the Resistance, unless very necessary.
DO NOT hire other civilians to look over the shop, get the Resistance, they are trust-able.
DO NOT let civilians into the Homie Bar at ALL cost.
DO NOT open closet or crates which your not suppose to.

Firearm Rules: Tier 1 Blackmark, unless used on other people, Tier 2 Blackmark
Runners and Dealers are not allowed to carry any other firearms then 9mm.
Expert are only allowed to carry SMG and 9mm, NO explosives.
You may be allowed to carry other guns, ONLY allowed by Leader.

Sales Rules: Tier 1 Blackmark, Possible Tier 2 Blackmark
You should ONLY conduct business for civilians in the Homie Bar.
You can conduct business for civilians in other places if the Leader allows.
You should ONLY conduct business for the Resistance in the slums.
NEVER sell what your not allowed to sell.
NEVER and EVER continue to conduct business during Lockdown, Inspection or an Raid.
Vice-Manager and Manager can conduct business for civilians anywhere they wish, But not Resistance.

Raid & Shop Rules: Tier 2 Blackmark, Possible Tier 3 Blackmark
NEVER and EVER leave the Shop during an Lockdown, Inspection or an Raid. Just get back-up.
NEVER and EVER Engage MPF/OTA just because they are outside of the shop, Wait for them to act.
As for Runner, DO NOT leave the shop without permission of Vice-Manager or Higher.
As for Dealer and Expert, DO NOT leave the shop unattended, unless permission from Leader.

If caught, you know nothing, not a thing.(Breaking this is just retarded)

(Breaking these rules will result in possible character PK or just a blackmark)

Ranks, and things your allowed to sell.

Runner| Beers, Ammo, 9mm, Radios, Ties, Medical item, Item from Light V Flag
Dealer| All of above,SMG-Shotgun-Grenades, Breaches
Expert| All of above, RPG, Crossbow, Magnum
Vice Manager| Any thing he damn wants. (Leader's Left hand man)
Manager| Any thing he damn wants. (Leader's Right hand man)

(For selling ammo, only sell those which your allowed to.)
(Example you are a runner and you can only sell 9mm, so only sell 9mm's mag)

(Breaking these rules will result in possible character PK or just a blackmark)

Be safe, and Remember, You have the right to close the Bar at any time.
Stay in the shadows.
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