Application Format (Must Read)

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Application Format (Must Read) Empty Application Format (Must Read)

Post  nydia on Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:41 pm

Not following this format WILL lead to auto-denial!

OOC Information




Your Character's Story So Far (MINIMUM 3 PARAGRAPHS):

Why do you want to become part of the Black Market?:

In-Character Information



Tell us about yourself:(Bad emotions, Sickness, Etc)

Why do you want to become a Black Market Dealer? (Minimum 3 paragraphs)

What are you expecting from the Black Market?

Have you had ANY contact with the Resistance or Other BMD members?(If so, Why?):

Have you had ANY contact with the MPF or OTA?(If so, Why?):

Remember to put a lot of effort into this, we enjoy reading creative applications!
It either will be Accepted, Denied or for Interview.

Good Luck! Cheers!
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