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Contraband Info *Please Read* Empty Contraband Info *Please Read*

Post  Henoik on Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:46 pm

Levels of Contraband:

Contraband is organized into different categories based on how much of a threat it poses to the Combine and their regime. Unsurprisingly, higher levels of contraband will warrant more severe punishment if an individual is caught carrying them.

Level 1 contraband:
- Unauthorized Union Foods
- Clean Water

Level 2 contraband:
- Radios
- Spray cans

Level 3 contraband:
- Medical Kits
- Medical Vials

Level 4 contraband:
- Alcohol
- Tactical Uniforms
- Breaches
- Restraints
- Bio-Locks (If not MPF)

Level 5 contraband:
- Medical Uniforms
- Any grenade other than explosive grenades
- Melee weapons such as knives or crowbars

Level 6 contraband:
- Firearms
- Ammunition
- Explosive Grenades
- Resistance Uniforms

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