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Post  Applepha on Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:36 pm

Ryan Jackson


-Steamid (see:
STEAM_0 :0 :41078609

-Why do you want to be op? What do you seek to personally achieve by being one?:
Personally, I would like to be OP because pretty much everyone on the server has a rank but me :c
I know that's not really a reason, but there's also the fact that I'm a frequent player and could be useful in situations (which rarely occur) that no other Admins/SuperAdmins are online. I believe I can also be a help of bringing more people into the community, as I have many friends who play Gmod and might enjoy HL2rp.

-Do you feel as though you could deal with almost any situation? If faced with an unfamiliar situation, how would you deal with it?:
As for the first question, I feel somewhat confident that I could, but as for the second, if I was faced with one, I would try contacting another Admin/SuperAdmin over Steam.

-If someone questions your action(s), how would you explain to that person the reasoning behind your action(s)?:
I would probably just explain my point of view of my own actions, and then ask for the P.O.V. of his/her opinion on my actions.

-Describe what you feel an operator/administrator does. You should talk about aims and objectives on the position as whole:
Admins/OPs are meant to keep order and balance (much like the Combine looooool) in the server. They kick and ban those who break the rules, depending on what rule they broke and how many times they broke it.

-Are you loyal to the community as whole, and not afraid to deal with anyone doing wrong?:
Yes, even if I do say so myself, I have become very loyal to this community over these past few weeks. I would assist in dealing with and/or deal with any rule-breakers, disruptive players, and Minges trying to ruin the Roleplay for everyone else.

-If you felt you were personally being abused (verbally etc.) by another administrator/operator, who would you report this to?:
I would definitely report it directly to Henny or Shazzy, the SuperAdmins.

-If you were to sum up how an administrator should appear to other players in one short paragraph, how would you describe it:?
An Administrator should appear to other players as an enforcer of the server rules. If a player messes up, it is a known fact they are kicked. If they mess up more, they're banned for a few hours. IF they

-If you were upset with anything, what would you do?:
If I was upset, I would try to continue RPing, but if I got angry/upset with anything, I would leave the server for a while to cool off.

-If you think someone does not treat you well, what would you do?:
I would continue roleplaying, and if his minging continued repeatitively on me or other players, I would kick him/her.

-How would you treat a person you don't like?:
I would treat someone I don't like equally as every other player on the server. We're all players, whatever rank, whatever faction.

-How would you treat a person that apparently does not like you?:
I would do the same as above.

-If a personal friend of your's did something bad, what would you do?:
I would treat him/her like every other player and kick him/her.

-Have you ever been banned/kicked/warned by an Operator+, if so: Why, and by who?
I have never been kicked, banned, or warned on this server. Never. Don't believe me? Ask the other admins. :3

-Would you always obey your superiors?:
Absolutely. I would obey anyone over my rank, whether it's playing an OTA and obeying the CA, or being an OP and obeying a SuperAdmin.

Anyways, Thanks for Making this a Great Community for me so Far.
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Post  Shazzy on Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:24 am

We currently dont have an active OP's. Your application is good and i like your roleplaying.

Wait for henny's reply.


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Alpha0019's Operator App. Empty Re: Alpha0019's Operator App.

Post  Henoik on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:17 pm


We do need active operators, so you would be a great operator.
Your app is decent, your rp is decent, your maturity is high level...
It also seems like you know what an operator/admin is doing Smile

Welcome in the team.


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Alpha0019's Operator App. Empty Re: Alpha0019's Operator App.

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