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Post  Vectoreno on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:35 pm

[OOC Section]

Steam Name: Vectoreno

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:80190

Reason for wanting to join: I particularly enjoy playing as an OTA or Civil Protection character, as their type of roleplay appeals to me, and it usually just comes naturally to me.

What do you think the MPF is about?:

Enforcing the Combine's will on Earth, and destroying anyone who objects to that, in any way possible.

How long have you been part of this community?:

For one day I have played on the server.

How long have you been part of this forum?:

For one day I have been on the forums.

Your character's backstory from the 7 hour war (in a 3rd perspective, i.e. him, not me)

During the Seven Hour War, James was not involved in the fighting, instead, researching on the Combine, not to find their weaknesses, oh no, he was actually aspiring to be one of them. He studied their technology, was absolutely fascinated by their augments, and could not wait for them to win the war. His loyalty to the Combine cause proved to not be ill-spent, as the Combine quickly dominated Earth.

[IC Section] (Note you're writing an application form to the commander - IC'ly)

Full Name: James Hartson

Date of birth: The 8th of June, 1994.

Race(asian, european etc): European

Strengths: Melee combat, accuracy, and technology.

Weaknesses: Slightly under confident, and a fear of arachnids.

Have you had any contact with any parts of the Universal Union in any way?

During the Seven Hour war, I was researching the Universal Union, hoping to join, and if I succeeded, to know what I would later look like.

Have you been in contact in any way with any parts of the Resistance or Black Market?

No, never in my life.

Are you a loyalist? If so, what loyalist armband do you use, and how many loyalist points do you have?

I am not yet a loyalist, and have nothing on either side, due to a recent relocation, my scores were reset, though before, in my previous city, I had 12 loyalty points.

Acceptance of the terms of agreement(Yes/No):

I accept the terms of agreement.

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Vectoreno OTA Application Empty Re: Vectoreno OTA Application

Post  Henoik on Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:25 pm


Apps really are closed, Im officially closing them now, Ill review this again once apps are up.

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