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Post  Henoik on Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:04 pm

Do you want to donate to us? Well, click this Donations to us Btn_donateCC_LG_global and you are one more step closer!

And the goods are as follows:

Minimum 15 USD once = Vortigaunt model + A free business + Physgun
Minimum 30 USD = Scanner model + 50000 tokens + Toolgun + A faction of your choice without needing to apply for it (You still may get demoted if you do not follow the rules).

If you for some reason can't donate to us using the link, go into, sign in, and go to "Send Payment".
The email address should be ... Leave a note with your Citizen Name.

I do not take any responsibility if your payment does not reach our PayPal account.

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