Someone wanted me to get banned.

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Someone wanted me to get banned. Empty Someone wanted me to get banned.

Post  MarcSteward on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:23 pm

Yeah, it didn't go very well today, noone was in the server, and I couldn't get my MPF application sent, AND I got requested to get banned by a player that I won't be naming, she wanted to ban me because I stole her rations, yeah I know it was a bad and immature way to roleplay, but I just thought that she's a loyalist, so she shouldn't be stealing rations from the nexus lobby. (Some friends blew up the door to the nexus lobby, and then later she wanted rations without
premission from the combine, and yeah, she's a loyalist...) She told me that it was okay because the machine was on. So everyone took rations except her, I just stole it right away like a dumb shit. Yeah okay go and spam CAPS LOCK on me, it was just rations, just get me banned for a week or perm so we get it over with... (unknown player) Don't take it so serious, I got robbed with 590 tokens on me, yeah I know that he roleplayed it, and I didn't against (the unknown player).
Yeah reply here if you got the time, and I'll get myself banned...
I'm just saying, you shouldn't be stealing rations if you're a loyalist, (doesn't try to brake any rules, and respects the combine). Btw Henrik if you're seeing this, let me send my MPF app to you or maybe to you Pie. (Just want you to take a look).


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Someone wanted me to get banned. Empty Re: Someone wanted me to get banned.

Post  Henoik on Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:52 am

Thanks for your notification, this situation will be looked up to and I have replied to your pm about this.

If anybody have any problems like this, contact me on steam "henoik" or pm me on these forums, or add me at skype "hennerikstor".

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