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Post  Rtouty22 on Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:55 pm

[OOC Section]

Steam Name: [CG-RP] Rtouty22

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:30189788

Reason for wanting to join: The MPF can provide a good expierience. It shows how to follow directions better, be a good listener, have teamwork, and to learn how to take orders from someone higher.

What do you think the MPF is about?: Stopping disturbances and resistance of the combine's law.

How long have you been part of this community?: About one month.

How long have you been part of this forum?: one hour (Always played the server, never signed up Razz)

Your character's backstory from the 7 hour war (in a 3rd perspective, i.e. him, not me)

Maria Mitchell was born on May 20th, 1990 in New York, America. Shortly after she was born, she moved to Paris, France, Europe along with her parents, her brother, and her uncle. They arrived in Paris in the summer of 1992. Her parents both took and jobs working as emergency responders while her uncle took on the job of an emergency room trauma doctor. Maria’s life was fairly normal; she attended school, had friends, fell in ‘love’ and got a new boyfriend every now and then. When the portal storms began, Maria was merely 20 years old and two years into medical school. Almost immediately, her parents jumped into action, and along with Maria's uncle, began to assist those injured in the chaos. Two years later, on October 26th, 2013, both of Maria’s parents were killed when a clinic collapsed due to a fire that broke out in a riot. This left a significant scar on Maria, and she did little else but keep to herself until he was married to Larry Finn on an unknown date. Not much else happened until that fateful day when the Combine invaded…

Larry and Maria were lucky enough to be away from most of the fighting. Larry managed to hide both Maria and himself away for nearly 5 ½ hours before an explosion forced them to come to the surface. The two had barely met up with her uncle before she was killed by a human soldier’s misfire. After Breen surrendered the planet, much of the population around Paris had been killed. Larry and Maria were taken to City 22, where a short time, Larry was killed leading a rebellion. Maria was kept in confinement for 274 days as she was determined unstable. She was released after she was determined mentally stable, and relocated to City 18. There, she met a group of people who shared a hatred for the Combine and all they brought about. After a short three days, Maria was caught using a radio in the plaza by a scanner, which led to a whole series of event which led to Maria’s memory wipe. She was implanted fake memories and a love for the UU which she is unable to deny.

About a month later she was walking and saw a Civil Worker putting up a combine poster. He said that the Combine is hiring citizen medics. She joined and worked in the Nexus as a medic. About a month later a citizen rebellion broke out. An Overwatch Soldier was killed but Maria took his shotgun and 9mm pistol. She shot down any who had guns alongside the Overwatch and Metro Police Force units. She then was called to the City Administrators office. She received the CA's honor badge, the top loyalist armband, 40 loyalist points, permission to carry and use firearms, and even CA's personal secretary armband. She then wotked at a desk with full access to the CA's office as a secretary, half the day she'd work in the Nexus Medical Bay, or alongside soldiers, or would be in the CA's office. She loves her job and is glad to live in a good place like City 8.

[IC Section] (Note you're writing an application form to the commander - IC'ly)

Full Name: Maria Mitchell

Date of birth: May 20th, 1990

Race(asian, european etc): North American

Strengths: Good listener, quick thinker, low fear (Because of brainwash) and good with medicine.

Weaknesses: Gets angry at citizens who annoy OTA and MPF by doing crimes, they are pestering her "friends" as she calls it.

Have you had any contact with any parts of the Universal Union in any way?
Yes, I am a secretary for the CA, and Medic, I work in the Nexus.

Have you been in contact in any way with any parts of the Resistance or Black Market?
Just once, I killed a black market dealer in the citizen riot, he had a shotgun.

Are you a loyalist? If so, what loyalist armband do you use, and how many loyalist points do you have?
I have the highest loyalist armband, over 50 points. I have the CA's personal secretary armband, and the medic armband.

Acceptance of the terms of agreement(Yes/No):
You bet!

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Post  Shazzy on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:49 pm

I know you know all the mpf codes and enjoy MPF rp so i say


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Post  Henoik on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:56 pm


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