Gmod and Fallout New Vegas

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Gmod and Fallout New Vegas Empty Gmod and Fallout New Vegas

Post  Rtouty22 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:08 pm

Lately I've been trying to get all factions in Fallout New Vegas for the battle of hoover dam and record n' put it on youtube (Very high video quality when I do, 4 minutes are like 4 GIGS!) Anyways now I'm done filming, so my recent inactivity is now done. ALSO-I did not quit CG to go to BBZ, I was offered an admin position and I accepted, I'm still loyal to CG (CG is way better rping, BBZ has retarded people I''m kinda trying to teach them to rp and am secretly directing people to CG from BBZ) anyways thanks for reading!^-^

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