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Rtouty22's OP application Empty Rtouty22's OP application

Post  Rtouty22 on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:23 am

-Name: Elliott Ziolkowski

-Age: 14

-Steamid (see: steamidfinder.com): STEAM_0:0:30189788

-Why do you want to be op? What do you seek to personally achieve by being one?: Well I am very loyal to the server, and I would like to help out the community by stopping and fixing any problems that may occur.

-Do you feel as though you could deal with almost any situation? If faced with an unfamiliar situation, how would you deal with it?:
I can deal with almost any situation because they are mostly all the same situation. If I was faced with an unfamiliar one, I would contact an admin, or deal with the problem in a civil way.

-If someone questions your action(s), how would you explain to that person the reasoning behind your action(s)?:
I would explain why my action(s) are occuring, and why I think they deserve it, if this problem continues, I would contact an admin for advice.

-Describe what you feel an operator/administrator does. You should talk about aims and objectives on the position as whole: An Operator/Administrator are the people that hold the community together. They make sure the community is "safe" and make sure any problems are solved in a civil manner, or correct any problems that someone may be unsure of.

-Are you loyal to the community as whole, and not afraid to deal with anyone doing wrong?:
Hell yeah i'm loyal, I go on other servers and spam CG's link in OOC.

-If you felt you were personally being abused (verbally etc.) by another administrator/operator, who would you report this to?: Shazzy or Henny. (Or a superadmin)

-If you were to sum up how an administrator should appear to other players in one short paragraph, how would you describe it:?
An administrator should appear to be a players "friend" a person to guide them. The admin should set examples for players and in return the server is then looked upon as "friendly" and more people will come to the server.

-If you were upset with anything, what would you do?:
If I was upset, I wouldnt let my emotions come into the way of the situation.

-If you think someone does not treat you well, what would you do?:
I would treat them like all other players, with civility.

-How would you treat a person you don't like?:
Same as above.

-How would you treat a person that apparently does not like you?:
Same as above.

-If a personal friend of you did something bad, what would you do?:
I would treat them as I treat the community, friends don't receive any benefits. They would be treated as a normal player.

-Have you ever been banned/kicked/warned by an Operator+, if so: Why, and by who?
I've never been kicked (Legitamently) Whenever I leave the server I say in OOC "/me throws down a smokebomb and is gone" But once I typed that and didn't press the exit button fast enough and shark kicked me saying "SMOKEBOMBS AWAY!" So if that shows up on some record, that is why.

-Would you always obey your superiors?: Absolutely.


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Rtouty22's OP application Empty RE: Rtouty22's OP application

Post  Applepha on Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:21 pm

Mmmm...I'd support this just not to not be the only OP.

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