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Post  jamiefoxx121 on Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:34 pm

Steam Name:jamiefoxx121

SteamID: 0:1:26761500.

Reason for wanting to join: I was a MPF on a server call The clap box. But 2 months ago they switched there HL2 RP to stalker Rp.
So I'm apply to become a MPF on your server to meet new people and new MPFs.

What do you think the MPF is about?: is to Protected the civilized people from the non civilized.

How long have you been part of this community?: 1 month

How long have you been part of this forum?: 2 weeks

Your character's backstory from the 7 hour war (in a 3rd perspective, i.e. him, not me)
Jamison mark smith grew Up in a one bedroom apartment in the city.
His mother divorced his father when Jamison was only 5. his mother works 2 jobs as a waitress at a diner and a police officer
so Jamison rarely saw his mother. and when his mother was at work Jamison tried to find work to help out his mother Jamison was a bag boy for about a Year. And when Jamison turned 25 he got a real job as a bouncer in clubs he was a bouncer for about 4 years until his mother got sick with cancer. So he quit his job as a bouncer to take care of his align mother his mother lived for bout 2 months until she lost the battle with cancer she died on April 6th 1991 3 years later Jamison Jamison followed in his mothers footsteps in becoming a police officer for about 3 years know in his city

Jamison mark smith was on the police force until he got into a fight in a bar that’s how he got the scare one the left side of face .
Jamison mark smith was put in jail for about one year for disturbing the peace and intoxicated. He was released on July 5 2000 one 2 month parole
But when Jamison turn thirty five that Jamison would never forget he got into a sever crash. Jamison was in a coma for 1 year until he woke up a new man .

Jamison was a new man after is almost fatal car crash. Jamison got into working out and he became a marine. He was in the service for a bout 3 years until he got early retirement. So now Jamison mark smith know 33 healthy and has a family of his own own . He a 3 kids Martha, Elizabeth and David
And he has a beautiful wife miss Mary smith. But one warm evening in the summer of 2006 would change Jamison forever one Wednesday Jamison was at work and his wife and kids were driving home for David's football practice when they got in to a car crash with a train. Jamison's wife and kids were killed on impact. Jamison was devastated he thought nothing could get any worse but it did much worse when the combine attacked . When the combine attacked earth they wiped out 94% of the world population of humans. The other 5% were enslaved and ordered to obey the Combine. Jamison was apart of that 5%. When the combine captured Jamison they changed his dress style to a blue jumpsuit.
Also they gave Jamison an ID card with his citizen I identification Number. After they put Jamison and 12 other people on a train headed to City18 . Jamison lived in city 18 for 3 months living a low class life
Trying to stay alive and keep out of the combines way. But one day Jamison got sick of living a low class so he applied to become a CCA unit to get out of the poverty stricken streets of city 8.

[IC Section] (Note you're writing an application form to the commander - IC'ly)

Full Name: Jamison Mark smith

Date of birth: September 7 1995

Race(asian, european etc): Irish

Strengths: mixed martial arts, weapons expert,

Weaknesses: technology.

Have you had any contact with any parts of the Universal Union in any way? No I have not.

Have you been in contact in any way with any parts of the Resistance or Black Market? No I have not.

Are you a loyalist? If so, what loyalist armband do you use, and how many loyalist points do you have? I am not a loyalist
But I'm becoming one.

Acceptance of the terms of agreement(Yes/No): Yes

We superadmins, personally is reviewing and denying/accepting the applications. You may however be asked in for an interview (both IC'ly and OOC'ly).

I wish you Good luck!

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