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Ingame Operator App Format Empty Ingame Operator App Format

Post  Henoik on Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:12 pm

-Failure to use this format may and WILL result in insta-denial of your applicaion.
-Think about your grammar and spelling while writing your application. While we do know that English may not be your primary language, making the effort to check your spelling and grammar makes the job easier for Comfy-Games Head Staff.
-Your application should AT LEAST have two full paragraphs for each section (unless something else is stated), preferably at least 700 words TOTAL.
-We do recommend you to check your application through at least three times to make sure it is readable and fulfils all of the requirements.
-There is no specific number of supports you need to get it accepted. It will be accepted when we think it's good enough. Please don't ask about it.
-In short: Think of it as a school task. If you do bad, you get bad grades, the same is here; if you do bad, you get denied, if you fulfil the requirements, you do good and gets accepted.



-Steamid (see:

-Why do you want to be op? What do you seek to personally achieve by being one?:

-Do you feel as though you could deal with almost any situation? If faced with an unfamiliar situation, how would you deal with it?:

-If someone questions your action(s), how would you explain to that person the reasoning behind your action(s)?:

-Describe what you feel an operator/administrator does. You should talk about aims and objectives on the position as whole:

-Are you loyal to the community as whole, and not afraid to deal with anyone doing wrong?:

-If you felt you were personally being abused (verbally etc.) by another administrator/operator, who would you report this to?:

-If you were to sum up how an administrator should appear to other players in one short paragraph, how would you describe it:?

-If you were upset with anything, what would you do?:

-If you think someone does not treat you well, what would you do?:

-How would you treat a person you don't like?:

-How would you treat a person that apparently does not like you?:

-If a personal friend of you did something bad, what would you do?:

-Have you ever been banned/kicked/warned by an Operator+, if so: Why, and by who?

-Would you always obey your superiors?:


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