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Here you will find all the information you will need to become a good Metropolice Force Unit!

Here is a list of the firearms that each rank may possess:
RCT - Stunstick - Can possess, but never have a pistol unholstered unless instructed by the SeC
8.4.ND ( 8.4 No Division) - 9mm + Stunstick
8.4 - 9mm + Stunstick.
8.3 - 9mm + Stunstick + MP7
8.2 - 9mm + Stunstick + MP7
8.1 - 9mm + Stunstick + MP7 + Flash Grenade.
HcT (High Command Trainee) - 9mm + stunstick + MP7 + Grenade
EpU (Elite Protection Unit) - 9mm , Stunstick + Grenades + SMG or Shotgun
CpL (Corporal) - 9mm + Stunstick + Grenade + Shotgun
OfC(T) (Officer In Training) - .357 + Stunstick + SMG or Shotgun + Grenades
OfC (Officer) - .357 + Stunstick + Grenades + EITHER an SMG or a Shotgun
DvL (Division Leader) - Any two weapons of choice + grenades + 9mm + Stunstick.
CmD (Commander) - He can do what the heck he wants to! He's the head of the MPF! (Right below SeC)
SeC (Sectorial Commander) - Who is going to question him? Head of both MPF and OTA


Judge is the division dealing with anti-citizens in jail, they do perform trials and amputations. Judge should never leave nexus without permission from SeC+. Doing so will lead to immediate demotion.

Helix is the medical division dealing with units down in combat or other situations. Helix should come to every combats reported at all times, without needing to be asked for.

Nova is a special ops division dealing with breaching buildings and apartments.

Ghost is a special ops division dealing with the same as Nova, just that Ghost is way more powerful, and is brung out if there is very hard situations going on. Ghost is also working much more tactical than Nova.

Bastion is checkpoint/hardpoint guards, they control movement of citizens in the city and block off restricted areas.
Bastion should never leave their post without permission from DvL+

Union is basically responsible for patrolling the cities. Union may be asked to patrol the slums, in that case they will need to be very tactical.

These are our laws and we do recommend you to write this down somewhere, or just simply print out this whole page.

Level 1 - Punished with re-education (Contraband is punished with one point)
- Running.
- Jumping.
- Climbing.
- Yelling.
- General uncivil behaviour.
- Possession of level 1 contraband.
- Loitering. (Standing doing nothing)

Level 2 - Punished with 1 point and re-education (Contraband is punished with 5 minutes detention)

- Swearing.
- Discriminating another citizen.
- Talking to a Civil Protection officer without orders.
- Commiting a level 1 violations right after or shortly after a warning.
- Possession of contraband level 2.
- Wasting an officer’s time.
- Not speaking an official language.

Level 3 - Punished with 2 points, 5 minutes on detention and re-education.
- Trespassing on non-owned property such as a store.
- Possession of level 3 contraband.
- Failure to apply.
- Failure to report a crime. (In-action)
- Not following Civil Protections orders.
- Theft.

Level 4 - Punished with 4 points, re-education and 10 minutes detention.
-Trespassing on Combine owned property.
- Stealing tokens.
- Direct unit harrasment. (verbal)
- Fighting. (with other citizens, if a priority citizen is attacked it is counted as policide)
- Possession of level 4 contraband.
- Tampering with unconscious or deceased bodies.
- Resisting arrest and/or questioning.
- Property Vandalism.

Level 5 - Punished with 6 points, re-education and 15 minutes detention.
- Direct unit harrasment. (i.e. spitting, throwing cans.)
- Attempted policide. (i.e. punching)
- Propaganda (light and not in favour of the combine)
- Ignoring lockdown of city blocks or entire city.
- Lying on interrogation. (need actual proof or witness(es)!)
- Hostaging.
- Robbery.

Level 6 - Trial for amputation (which should be easily passed) if passed trial punish with eight points and 20 minutes detention.
- Trespassing inside the Nexus.
- UPA. (Unauthorised Procreative Activity; sex or similar RP)
- Level 5 contraband possession.
- Rebel conspiracy. (without physical evidence)
- Combine property vandalism.
- Mental imperfection.
- Homicide. (murdering a citizen)
- Policide.
- Attempted patricide.
- Not using authorised citizen clothing. (Not CWU)

Level 7 - Punished with amputation.
- Level 6 contraband possession.
- Patricide
- Trespassing in City Administator's office.

(OOC) One Cycle Detention = 5 Minutes Detention

One does NOT punish a citizen for earlier crimes, except if the citizen has 10 points or more (Trial for Amputation).

The procedure when detaining a law breaker, whether it is for searching or for arresting is as follows:
Make the subject Apply - Order them to provide you with their name and Citizen ID. (Example: Jacob Crooks, #15002)
Use that data to see their crime history, and the command to get up the data is as follows '/viewdata <name> (NOT CID)'.
If their file does not allready contain a CID Please add it for future use.
Add points to the file (If needed), stating the crime, the amount of points, and your MPF ID number. (Ex: Ignoring an officer - 4 - 10.1.15263) If you were just to check the citizens points, simply close the window.
If you need to search the (anti-)citizen, order them to face a nearby wall, tie them up, and search them (Tie=F3, Search=F4, Untie=E) Use the command '/me attempts to tie.' and ask them if they resist in Local OOC chat. If they do not resist, tie and search them. DO NOT take their tokens, this may and will lead to demotion.
When escorting an un-civilized (anti-)citizen to either of the Nexus Cellblocks, you may need another unit to assist you, but it isn't required and it depends on the subject's behaviour.
A citizen MUST be tied when being taken into the nexus. Not doing this WILL Lead to a blackmark.

12+ Points = Amputation. Remember to remove the subject's points after Amputation.

Amputation should preferably occur in the Amputation Room whenever possible, if not given other orders by DvL or higher rank.

Interrogation should ALWAYS occur in the Interrogation Room!

Resistance Members should ALWAYS be placed in Cell Block B!


Rations will be carried out when a DvL, CmD, SeC or the City Administrator says so.
You can get different tasks in the ration distribution! One will guard the door, making the citizens stay in line, and make them apply. CWU is prioritized, and should ALWAYS stay in front of the line! Citizens with 6 points or more, should be turned away, if they got 12 points or more, they should be taken in for amputation. One unit will be asked to guard the ration dispenser, both to make sure that the citizen take only one ration, and to make sure nobody breaks into the Nexus. OTA may be asked to guard the top, if the amount of citizens is great enough!

MPF Do not answer to the OTA, and Vice Versa, However advising is allowed (Please dont say OTA I advise you patrol, it is REALLY annoying)

You may not go in and out of the slums without permission from DvL+ or EOW+, this often will lead to permanent off-world relocation!

Radio frequency will be given to you by a PM ingame for security reasons.

Oh, one more thing: The SeC can always overpower the CA's words, here is why:
The SeC is always in control of the rest of MPF/OTA. And in combine laws it says that you should always obey the Sectorial Commander first, anyway what the hell the city admin is saying. However, the Sectorial Commander is brainwashed in a way that he in theory never or very rarely would disobey the CA!

Enjoy your stay, who knows? It may only be for a day

Once your application is accepted, tell a SuperAdmin - as myself - ingame.



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