Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA)

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Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA) Empty Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA)

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Administrator's note:

1st. Medals and Award
Medal: Master/Diamond/Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze

1.(Units who are given Medals,
Are to be respected by all.
Those not respecting, may be stripe off the Divison,
Or severly punished, or blacklisted.)

2.(Medals can give Units, specific Authority and be issured
other [Special Item]. These are only issured and specify by
the CmD or could be recommanded by DvL or The Person In-charge
Or giving the medal.)

3.(Units who have been given special attention of, not only
are recorded in datapad, also in paper ICly. OCCly, written
down in my notebook of Divison. Anyone who dare destory the
IC paper or delete the datapad, will be look into and
Banned from the server.)

4.(Units who you think should be rewarded these Medal,
or be Promoted, can write an IC report to the CmD, or OCCly
Via Steam.)

5.(Before Medals is given, please seek approval.)

Master: Given by CA

Medal of Sectorial Valour Achievement of Individual and Tactical Excellence
(For Rank DvL+ ONLY)

Diamond: Given by SeC

Medal of Valour
Medal of Sectorial Achievement
(For Rank 0fC+ ONLY)

Platinum: Given by DvL
Medal of Tactical Excellence
Medal of Individual Excellence
Medal of Authoritarian Loyalty
Medal of Combine Civil Authority Excellence
(For Rank 01+ ONLY)

Gold: Given by DvL

Verdict Divisonal Badge
Medal of Counter-Resistance Elite
Medal of Unit Excellence
Medal of Excellence Command
Medal of Supremacy Performance
Medal of Civil Loyalty
Medal of Judge Performance
Medal of Tactical Performance

Silver: Given by 0fC

Verdict Elite Badge
Medal of Potential Counter-Resistance
Medal of Duty Excellence
Medal of Combat Excellence
Medal of Medical Excellence
Medal of Intelligence Excellence
Medal of Mechanical Excellence
Medal of Command Performance

Bronze: Given by 0fC

Verdict Officer Badge
Medal of Teamwork
Medal of Combat
Medal of Medical
Medal of Intelligence
Medal of Mechanical
Medal of Unit Loyalty
Medal of Command

Enlistment Medals:Given by any 02+

Verdict Unit Badge
Verdict of Elite Unit Badge

Socio Code:

<:Neutral| Sociostability Codes ||::>

Code Green - POI is sociostable, no threats perceived.
Code Orange/Yellow - POI is not fully sociostable. A sociostability threat is possible.
Code Red - POI is not sociostable. Socioside is being commited. Unrest code should be in effect at the minimum.

<:Neutral| Sociostability Patrol Authorizations ||::>

Code Green
- All ground units below the rank of 01 should be patrolling or clamping with their stunstick alone.
- All Elite/Semi-Elite units are authorized to patrol with a SICP 9MM pistol.

Code Orange/Yellow
- All ground units below the rank of 01 are authorized to patrol and clamp with a SICP 9mm pistol.
- All Elite/Semi-Elite units are authorized to patrol with a SPAS-12 or MP7

Code Red
- All units should be patrolling and clamping with the highest weapon that they are authorized to use.
- High Command should be on full alert and assisting to regain sociostability.

MPF/CA Legend:

All unit should consist of (Ties,Radio,Health item)
(Breaches and Combine locks only for Grid Division)
Unit Below 04 Should be in (Uniform)
RCT Should be in (Union)

(Training for below 04 are only to be done by 0fC in the Uniform Division)

Commanding unit (Except OfC) Cannot use Stunstick

Union - Recruit
Uniform - Training
Nova - Medical
Grid - Mech/Science
Vice - Standard Patrol/Sweeping
Jury - Amputation/Interrogation

Ground unit:
RCT| Stunstick, Grant Combat Training, 15% Brainwashed
06| Stunstick, Grant Lethal Training, 20% Brainwashed
05| Stunstick, Knife, Grant Breaching Training, 25% Brainwashed
04| Stunstick, 9mm, Knife, Enlistment to Division, 35% Brainwashed
03| Stunstick, 9mm, Knife, Grenade Lethal, Grant Commanding Training, 45% Brainwashed

Elite unit:
02| All of above, SMG, 55% Brainwashed
01| All of above, SMG/Shotgun, Grant Advance Combat Training, 65% Brainwashed
EPU| All of above, SMG/Shotgun, Magnum, Grant Augment, 75% Brainwashed
OIC| Same as EpU, Grant High Command Training, 80% Brainwashed

Commanding Unit:
0fC| Same as EPU, Grant Universal Commanding Training, 85% Brainwashed
DvL| All of above, AR2, Grant Universal Augment, 90% Brainwashed
CmD| All of above, Ar2, Crossbow, Grant Universal Knowledge, 95% Brainwashed
SeC| Any weapons, 100% Brainwashed
Administration Unit (CA Tree):

3rd Class:
Manager of Medical
Manager of Mechanical
Manager of Union
Manager of Power

2nd Class:
Minister of Medical
Minister of Mechanical
Minister of Union
Minister of Power

1st Class:
Vice Head Minister
Head Minister
Universal Minister
Vice City Administrator
City Administrator
Universal City Administrator

Very long and Badass Protocall:

Combine Civil Authority General Unit Protocol


A. Basic Rules
B. Basic Regulations
C. Uniform and Suit Projection
D. Citizen Detainment Protocal
F. Contraband Classifications
G. Loyalist System Protocol

The Combine Civil Authority is being subjected to change immediately, under the command of the SeC and CA. In this manual, will posses the newest and most up-to-date protocol and procedures. Rules, Regulations, Uniform and Suit Projection, Citizen Detainment Protocol, Contraband Classification, and Loyalist System Protocol Will be covered in the upcoming sections.

A. Basic Rules

1. You are to salute any rank higher than a recruit if you are inside the nexus. Saluting outside the nexus is

2. Do not go into restricted districts without the confirmation of an DvL or higher. Period. This will result in a black mark. A group of no less than 6 are allowed to do a sweep.

3. NOVA is CCA Medical personal. Do not fix citizens that are hurt, and DO NOT give them medical equipment, this will result in a blackmark or possible resignation from your position. It isn't your problem to deal with, that's why we have the Civil Workers Union.

4. Citizens should not be ordered to yield to search unless given probable cause. See Section D. Citizen Interaction Protocol.

5. Do not fire your weapons unless absolutely necessary. Situations in which you can use a gun are listed as the following.

a) A citizen who has been told to go to the wall runs away and you can't get him to stop after a small chase with a baton or threats.

b) A citizen who engages you in a fire fight (which should really never happen due to rule 2. No citizen should be foolish enough to enter the city with a weapon)

6. You are NEVER permitted to walk around in the plaza with your firearm out when the city is CODE GREEN, or unless informed by a DvL or higher. The only exception to this rule is the Division Leaders of the New World Order, High Command. They are not permitted to use batons, and should instead use shotguns.

7. When engaging combat with your weapon, be sure to point it down when you're not using it, you don't want to end up shooting another unit.

8. Do not use slander in the nexus around a higher rank unless granted permission to speak freely.

9. You may NOT publicly amputate anyone. The only units that are permitted to amputate in public are the Division Leaders!

B. Basic Regulations

The following is information on how your character should be acting in the position they are placed in. Your character is subject to changes through out being in the CCA for you will undergo emotion loss. Your character will become colder and colder as you proceed through the ranks.

RCT - You are still a citizen inside of a suit. You are submitted to every one in the CCA. Anyone can issue an order or give you training if given permission or if they are of high enough rank. You aren't used to code lingo yet, so you still generally talk like a human being. You're scared of higher ranks to an extent and are deffinantly nervous to beat citizens. Amputating to you is still considered insane, and it's hard to deal with.

06 - Literally Same As RCT

05 - Literally Same as 04

04 - You've been assigned your division, and you've gotten a bit better at your job by now. You're more emotionless than the average citizen, and you don't mess up as often. You're catching on to the code lingo, and beating becomes a bit easier for you. Amputation is still a scary thought for your character, and your character is still a human being. You may be trained on using a weapon soon, with hope that you won't have to use it.

03 - You're a lot more defined than you were when you were a recruit. By now you've gotten used to the beatings, and it becomes an everyday thing for you. You are appointed more established objectives and your presence becomes more trusted. You should be well informed on regulations by this time, and should be able to make a good example for the recruits.

02 - Your being has become detached from the citizen's society. You start treating the citizens as if they are bags of dirt. You become impatient to their stupidity, and apply force regularly. Your presence by the citizens should put them in a fret, for you won't hesitate to knock them unconscious and throw them in detainment. Within civil authority you should be informed on almost everything, and know your way around quite well.

01 - Your senses turn into calculations, and you can consider yourself sub-human. Your character talks with division protocal and makes less human like remarks. "Yes" becomes, "Affirmative," and "Okay" Becomes, "Rodger That," or "Copy." You're a monster in the citizen's eyes. And you do your fair share of regulating the lower units. By now, amputation isn't that big of a deal, and you don't mind administering it when needed. The thoughts of augments emplacement is in your head, for they are approaching you soon.

EpU - You've been appointed the position for expertise in your division. You're an expert at your job. In this stage, your character is implemented with augments, which are bionical or computerized parts that give you extra strength and leverage. Your character is subject to removal and replacement of limbs and organs with said augments. You can define yourself as a general bad ass, and amputations are cake for you. You don't mind putting a lower level unit in their place if they get out of hand.

OfC - You're the one and only person that your Division Leader wants in the position. You are expected to serve as a proper co pilot of your divisions. Here there is no room for mistake, for you can be cast out at any moment, and replaced by someone more fit for the position. By now you have no emotion. Your are computer augmented and have super human resistance. You wear heavy kevlars and are armed with high powered weaponry, and call the shots around your division when appointed.

DvL - You've been appointed as a Division Leader. You are 1 of the 4 heads of the entire council. Your word can only be override by the Sectorial Commander. The other units are submissive to your presence, and under your command. Your emotions are sub zero and you aren't considered human at all anymore. You're baton's been taken away, because your mission is no longer to administer. Your mission is to keep the absolute control in the city, with brute strength force. Your presence is frightening, and no one would dare mess with you. The ability to resist ties is impossible with whoever you might come across, because now, your strength and leverage have grown to an extraordinary level that surpasses all human ability.

SeC - The Sectorial Commander is the top dog. No one over rides his word, his word is law. He is to be feared and obeyed by anyone who he comes into contact with.

C. Uniform and Suit Projection

As listed is what your uniform will consist of as you progress through the ranks. You must use these as your physical description. Only minor things may be added in. Adding your age is almost worthless for you are in a suit and your age should be almost unknown to everyone. It also leaves spaces for you to fill in more important things if needed. Emblems, Medals, Degrading, Improvement, Height so on and so forth. (Also Combat Knife Maybe)

RCT - CCA Issued Suit/Mask, Stun Baton, Normal Vocoder, RCT Armband.

06 - CCA Issued Suit/Mask, Stun Baton, Normal Vocoder, 06 Armband.

05 - CCA Issued Suit/Mask, Stun Baton, Normal Vocoder, 05 Armband.

04 - CCA Issued Suit/Mask, Stun Baton, SCIP 9mm,Normal Vocoder, 04 Armband.

03 - CCA Issued Suit/Mask, Stun Baton, SCIP 9mm, Normal Vocoder, 03 Armband.

02 - CCA Advance Issued Suit/Mask, Advance Stun Baton, SCIP 9mm, SMG, Advanced Vocoder, 02 Armband.

01 - CCA Elite Issued Suit/Mask, Elite Stun Baton, SCIP 9mm, SMG, Advanced Vocoder, 01 Armband.

EpU - Enhanced Elite Issued Suit/Mask, Upgraded Elite Baton, SCIP 9MM, SPAS-12 Shotgun, Elite Vocoder, EPU Armband

OfC - Advanced Suit/Mask, Upgraded Baton, SPAS-12 Shotgun, SMG, Expert Vocoder, OfC Armband

DvL - Experimental Suit/Mask, SPAS-12 Shotgun, MP7 SGM, Experimental Vocoder, DvL Armband

OTA- OTA Advanced Suit/Mask, OTA High-Grade Heavy Kevlar, AR2-Pulse Rifle, Experimental Vocoder, OTA Badge

SeC - Experimental Suit/Mask, SPAS-12 Shotgun, MP7 SGM, AR2-Pulse Rifle, Universal Union Vocoder, SeC

Scanner (Only obtainable by Grid units) - Gravity manipulator device, Glowing orange eye, Camera on front, Metallic shields

**The DvL (Top rank achievable) May not use stun batons any longer, and my not administer beatings. They will only be able to carry a shotgun regardless of city status, and are welcome to publicly amputate. DvL are the ONLY ones that this applies to. All of the remaining units must not amputate in public, and are the only ones allowed to administer beatings. It will be the responsibility of the DvL to call in a unit from their division to administer a beating.

D. Citizen Detainment Protocol

If a citizen is in conflict with any of the regulations stated in this manual, process them accordingly. Upon asking citizen's to apply, fill out their information with the following format

Loyalist Points:
Criminal Points:
Rations Allowed:
Offences - Task Completed

(Level 3 Violation - 1-3 Cycles Detainment | Minor Beatings | 1-3 Criminal Points)

False Request - Abusing request device to make untrue claims.
Assault Class 3 - Harming another citizen.
Audio Violation - Yelling or swearing of any sort.
Mobility Violation - Running or excessive jumping of any sort.
Trespassing - Entering Unauthorized Districts or Buildings.
Possession of Class 3 Contraband - Holding items classified as Class 3 Contraband.
Malcompliance Level 3 - Refusing to obey orders given and failure to comply.
PDA - Hugging, Kissing

(Level 2 Violation - 3-6 Cycles Detainment | Major Beatings | 3-6 Criminal Points)

Contraband Level 2 - Contraband Classified as Level 2
Minor Vandalism - Destruction of Union PropertyCriminal Accomplice - Aiding crime in any way.
Assault Class 2 - Repeated assualt on citizens or workers.
Conspiracy - Distributing material that depicts against the New World Order.
Consumption - Any use alcohol, drugs.
Inaction - Failure to report a witnessed offence.
Noncompliance Level 2 - Continuing to disobey Civil Protection Orders.
Theft - Stealing items from workers or citizens.
Trespassing - Unauthorized entry into forbidden CCA marked territory.
Tampering - Disabling, manipulating CCA equipment. IE Biolocks, Scanners
Malcompliance Level 2 - Continuing to disobey orders given or failure to comply, refusal to give name and CID.

(Level 1 Violation - Maximum Cylces | Amputation | Interrogation)

Assault Class 1 - Assault on a CCA Unit.
Attempted Suicide - Citizen trying to end his / her's own life.
Contraband Level 1 - Possession of contraband classified as level 1.
Destroying Union Technology - Destroying Scanners, Or any other tech objects
Homicide - Attempted / Successful Murder
Mental Instability - Mental Defects, inefficiency.
PDA - Sexual, Reproduction

Malcompliance Level 3 - Citizen is stubborn and under no circumstance will cooperate.


When a unit detains a citizen, they are to get a peice of paper and attach it to the cell, with the following information

Detainee's Name:
Detainee's CID:
Reason Detained:
Contraband (IF ANY):
Cycles and Beatings Administered - Y/N

E. Contraband Classification

The following will state contraband items and their classifications.

Class 3

Non-Union Distributed Apparel or Clothing
Unbranded Food / Beverages
Non-Union Distributed Books
False Documentation

Class 2

Medical Supplies
Unauthorized Electronics
Vegetable Oil
Drugs of any sort
Anti-Citizen Propaganda (Graffiti, Writings, Notes Pertaining anything against the Union)
Zip Ties
Spray Cans

Class 1

False Identification

Civil Workers May Possess the following items

Medical Supplies
Special Union Foods

F. Loyalist System

The following is how loyalist points should be applied to citizens if they commit a loyal act or task

1 Point

Cleaning Trash or Graffiti
Repairing Union Property
Cleaning Streets
Cleaning Windows
Reporting Level 3 Offences

2 Points

Reporting in contraband Level 2 and proving it true
Reporting a level 2 offence and proving it true
Extensive Cleaning

3 Points

Reporting contraband Level 1
Reporting a level 1 Offence

**Up to three loyalist points may been given for an instance provided the depth of the situation, make good judgement.

Name for the Division Roster(Which would appear on Forum's Roster):
Vice: Patrol Hellion and Detainment Division
Uniform: Tactical Training Division
Grid: Specialist Mechanical Research Division
Nova: Union Medical Aid and Research Division
Jury: Elite Investigation and Breaching Division
Sword: District Protection and Advance Movement Division
Storm: Universal Elite and Research Intelligence Division
Helix: Universal Union Airwatch Support Division
Dagger: District Protection and Tactical Movement Division
King: Commander of Universal Overwatch Transhuman Arm Division

OTA Legend:
All unit should consist of (Ties,Radio,Health item,breaches,Combine locks)

Dagger - Standard/Hardpoint Guard/Breaches
Sword - Advance/Hardpoint Guard/Breaches
Helix - Airwatch/Snipers
Storm - Elite Unit
King - Administration Division

Ground unit:
OWT| 9mm, Grenade Lethal, Grant Overwatch Augment, 85% Brainwashed, 60% Hacking-Protection
OWS| 9mm, SMG/Shotgun, Grenade Lethal, Grant Overwatch Combat Level Training, 90% Brainwashed, 70% Hacking-Protection
SOU| 9mm, AR2/Shotgun, Grenade Lethal, Grant Overwatch Commanding Level Training, 95% Brainwashed, 80% Hacking-Protection

Commanding Unit:
OSC| All of above, Magnum, Grant Advance Overwatch Augment, 100% Brainwashed, 90% Hacking-Protection
EOW| All of above, Magnum, Crossbow, Grant Universal Level Training and Augment, 100% Brainwashed, 100% Hacking-Protection

Administration Unit:
OWM| Same as EOW, 100% Brainwashed, 100% Hacking-Protection
OWC| Any Weapons, Grant Supreme Universal Knowledge, 100% Brainwashed, 100% Hacking-Protection

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Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA) Empty Re: Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA)

Post  Shazzy on Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:12 pm

Thanks for takign the time to post it Very Happy Will definatly be looking at some of them Very Happy

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Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA) Empty Re: Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA)

Post  Henoik on Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:17 pm

We will be looking at them.

Thread Locked on reason: Thread may be spammed in!

Thread Moved to forum "Ideas"

Never use this post in any of our servers as this is just an idea.

I won't guarantee we will take any of these ideas into action! Just have that in mind!

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Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA) Empty Re: Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA)

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Unlocked on reason: Read by administrators, not seeing why it should be spammed in anymore.

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Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA) Empty Re: Overall What i did when i was GOING TO set up my own server. (Part 1 CCA)

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