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Post  Shephard77 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:32 pm

-Name: Tymek , Pacamaj

-Age: 15

-Steamid (see: STEAM_0:0:42324538

-Why do you want to be op? What do you seek to personally achieve by being one?: I want to help CgRp by becoming a member of staff so I can help in any way I can .

-Do you feel as though you could deal with almost any situation? If faced with an unfamiliar situation, how would you deal with it?: I fell I can solve situations because I have experience of being a member of staff on gmod servers , How I would deal with it : I would try to work it out in the best way I could if I did not know what did I have to do I would tell one of my
superiors .

-If someone questions your action(s), how would you explain to that person the reasoning behind your action(s)?: I would tell them why I did it and how that would have helped .

-Describe what you feel an operator/administrator does. You should talk about aims and objectives on the position as whole: I feel a member of staff is to protect the server and not only to get power . They should aim to help the server and not only think about them selves and more about the server .

-Are you loyal to the community as whole, and not afraid to deal with anyone doing wrong?: I am loyal to the community because I try to help in any way I can for example : I try to show people how fun and how good CgRp is by making vids on youtube .

-If you felt you were personally being abused (verbally etc.) by another administrator/operator, who would you report this to?: I would report to a super admin [ Henny , Shazzy .]

-If you were to sum up how an administrator should appear to other players in one short paragraph, how would you describe it:? A person in power should show players how he/she is there to help . That they care more about the server and the players more than themselves.

-If you were upset with anything, what would you do?: It would depend on what happened if some thing happened in the server like one of the members in staff that I thought were very good in power got demoted I would try to not show that on the server and maybe try to persuade Henny why they should stay .

-If you think someone does not treat you well, what would you do?: I would not want to bring it in the server I would try to keep on my job .

-How would you treat a person you don't like?: I would not bring in personal opinion into my duty I would try to ignore them and the last thing I would do was abuse them .

-How would you treat a person that apparently does not like you?: Same as above I would accept that they do not like me and still even help them if they need help .

-If a personal friend of you did something bad, what would you do?: I would be a little upset but I would try to forgive them and try to keep it out of my job .

-Have you ever been banned/kicked/warned by an Operator+, if so: Why, and by who? I was not warned / banned / kicked on the server .

-Would you always obey your superiors?: I would always be very loyal to my superiors and never deny a order they gave me .
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