New Resistance Rules *Important*

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New Resistance Rules *Important* Empty New Resistance Rules *Important*

Post  [CG] Axel on Thu May 31, 2012 7:31 pm

Hey, the server has had a restart leaving me in charge, not that I wasn’t already but now I’m the only leader. I’ve redone the resistance ranks etc. So here are the ranks and rules.
Conscripts do NOT answer to soldiers or veterans.
Conscript [Con.]
Soldier [Sdr.]
Veteran [Vet.]
Corporal [Cpl.]
Sergeant [Srg.]
Staff Sergeant [S Srg]
Gunnery Sergeant [G Srg.]
Captain Grade 3 [CG3]
Captain Grade 2 [CG2]
Captain Grade 1 [CG1]
Captain [Cpt]
Lieutenant Grade 3 [Lut3]
Lieutenant Grade 2 [Lut2]
Lieutenant Grade 1 [Lut1]
Lieutenant [Lut]
Lieutenant Major [LutM]
Major Grade 3 [MJR3]
Major Grade 2 [MJR2]
Major Grade 1 [MJR1]
Major [MJR]
Commander [CMD]
Co-Leader [CL] (Leaders Spouse/Wife)
Leader [Leader]

Medics will just have ‘M’ in their tags . For example [S Srg M] Or [MJR1 M]
Never engage on overwatch unless ordered by Major +
Never enter the UU occupied areas in your uniform unless ordered by Major +
Keep on the down-low at whenever possible.
If captured you would rather die than speak.
Conscripts to Veterans follow orders from Corporal +
Those are the basic rules, just don’t do anything you would think puts us at jeopardy and you’ll be fine!
Thanks for reading.

Signed, James Ryder
Leader Of Resistance

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[CG] Axel
[CG] Axel
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New Resistance Rules *Important* Empty Re: New Resistance Rules *Important*

Post  Shazzy on Thu May 31, 2012 7:33 pm

Good work Axel Very Happy

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