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Forum moderator application format Empty Forum moderator application format

Post  Henoik on Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:52 pm

Here you got it, the forum mod app format.


Why do you want to be a forum moderator?:

In what way will it benefit the community that you get this position?:

Are you applying for moderator in a certain section (Introductions, Media, Off-Topic, etc.) or are you applying for a global forum moderator?:

How would you deal with someone who is quite of a trouble-maker?:

What do you think a moderator's job in the community is?:

How would you deal with someone you didn't like?:

How would you deal with someone who didn't like you?:

What would you do if you accidentally deleted a post, deleted a thread, or banned a member?:

If you were unsure of an action to take, what would you do?:

Will you obery the higher-ranked staff?: (Yes/No)


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